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Speech-language pathologists, also called SLPs, are specially trained to provide skilled therapy services to infants and adults, with the support of their caregiver(s) in the following areas: communication (speech, language, auditory training), cognition, disfluency, socialization swallowing and voice. See Critical and Cognitive for discussion on cognition and swallowing.


Articulation and Phonology—how we say sounds and put sounds together into words. Difficulty with speech might be referred to Articulation & Phonological Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders like Apraxia, Aquired Apraxia of Speech, or Dysarthria.

Auditory Training—which is sometimes referred to as "aural rehabilitation". Therapy is delivered by a specially trained speech-language pathologist to assist people with hearing loss by improving their listening skills and speech understanding.

Dysfluency—also known as stuttering, is a speech disorder in which sounds, syllables, or words are repeated or prolonged, disrupting the normal flow of speech. These speech disruptions may be accompanied by struggling behaviors, such as rapid eye blinks or tremors of the lips. Stuttering may make it difficult to communicate with other people, which often affects a person's quality of life.


Language— is a rule-governed behavior. It is defined as the comprehension and/or use of a spoken (i.e., listening and speaking), written (i.e., reading and writing) and/or other communication symbol system (e.g., American Sign Language).

Social Communication (pragmatics)— is the use of appropriate communication in social situations (knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it).


Voice—The sound of your voice is used to contact others, convey emotions, and create connections. Your voice is a part of your identity. Often, you may be recognized, by the sound of your voice. Everyone needs their voice, particularly those who rely on their voice for their livelihood. This includes teachers, coaches, politicians, actors, and singers. Our team is currently being trained to work with patients who have a tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis (TEP) device placed following a total laryngectomy. The TEP device allows the patient to make voice.

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Aphasia | Cognitive | Dysarthria | Dysfluency | Pragmatics | SpeakOut | LVST Loud

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Articulation & Phonological Delays | Pragmatics | Language Disorders | Apraxia of Speech

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Apraxia | Dysarthria | Dysfluency | Pragmatics | Language Disorders | Voice


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Mobile FEES and Modified Barium Swallow Studies are performed offsite in a variety of settings, including Outpatient Imaging facilities and Physicians' offices.


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