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FEES in our clinic


  • The Flexible Fiberoptic-Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES), is a low cost alternative to a MODIFIED Barium Swallow Study (MBSS)

  • FEES uses a thin endoscope that is positioned through your nasal cavity, it gives us a birds-eye view of your throat while you are swallowing. It is used to assess people who have difficulty swallowing, which is called Dysphagia.

  • A highly skilled Speech Language Pathologist completes this procedure, which requires no radiation exposure or barium consumption.

  • FEES provides an accurate assessment of swallowing which enables the most appropriate diet recommendations for patients


Mobile Fees

  • The Prevalence of Dysphagia has been estimated to be as high as 68% for residents in long term care settings, with aspiration pneumonia being a major cause of death.

  • There is a 70% error rate with clinical bedside swallowing evaluations where SLPs have made over-restrictive recommendations while also missing silent aspiration.

  • There is often a high disagreement between nursing, SLP, family, and/or resident for safest, least restrictive diet

    • Could you imagine if someone told you that you could not eat or drink what you like without any imaging?​

  • A non-instrumental assessment may provide sufficient information for a clinician to diagnose oral dysphagia; however, aspiration and other physiologic problems in the pharyngeal phase can only be directly observed via instrumental assessments such as a FEES.

  • SLPs have been trained to diagnose and treat dysphagia, but we do not have x-ray vision. sfs therapies brings a swallowing evaluation to your facility, for 75% less of the cost of a procedure done at the hospital, to help your SLP make the appropriate diet recommendations and treatment interventions for your residents.

  • A highly skilled Speech Pathologist completes this procedure which requires no radiation exposure or barium consumption and can be performed practically anywhere. The patient can consume the foods they like and in their natural eating environment during the study.

We currently offer this service to:

  • Skilled Nursing

  • Assisted Living

  • Subacute Facilities

How to order Mobile FEES

Step 1- An MD writes an order for FEES

Step 2- Your facility faxes us the order

Step 3- We come to your facility

Step 4- We Complete the FEES and provide immediate results

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday - 8AM - 6PM Fridays by Special Arrangement 

For more information or to check availability in your area,

please call



1333 North Buffalo Dr. #260

Las Vegas, NV 89128


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