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Every child is one-of-a-kind, and his or her developmental needs are unique. That is why they deserve a caring team that meets them right where they are, and gently but purposefully guides them to where they could be. This process should not be confusing or complicated, so we seek to make it fun for everyone involved,  patients, parents, caregivers, and siblings.  At sfs therapies, we work with you to set attainable, but challenging goals for your child, and  work with you to see those goals achieved. 

Our clinicians work with each child and their family, providing parents and other caregivers with the education and techniques needed to participate in the treatment process.  

Together, we can: 

• Help you connect with your child through language and learning 

• Help your child succeed in academic environments 

• Improve your child’s communication and social abilities with peers and adults 

• Reduce frustration due to difficulties understanding language and speaking 

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday - 8AM - 6PM Fridays by Special Arrangement 

For more information or to book an appointment, please call



1333 North Buffalo Dr. #260

Las Vegas, NV 89128


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